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***  M. tuberculosis thioredoxin reductase  ***

elNémo ID: TRXR

---  normal mode 27  ---

These views are prepared from three orthologuous viewpoints with MolScript. Secondary structures are determined from the C-alpha atom positions of your protein (N-terminal blue, C-terminal red).
CAUTION: The amplitude range presented in these views corresponds to the highest (DQMAX) and lowest (DQMIN) perturbations chosen for this mode. Secondary structures can break down (and thus disappear from the animation) if the applied amplitudes are too large for Molscript to identify them. The choice of the amplitude is not a NMA result, but has to be done by the user on physical grounds. To change the amplitude range, you can recompute the animation of the desired mode by using the "Compute additional perturbed models with elNémo" section on the results page of your job.

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