« Why ‘resurrection biology’ is gaining traction around the world » sur le site de CNN le 26/12/23

02 January 2024 par Super Administrateur
CNN Resurrection biology — attempting to bring strings of molecules and more complex organisms back to life — is gaining traction in labs around the world. The work is a far cry from the genetically engineered dinosaurs that escape in the blockbuster movie “Jurassic Park,” although for some scientists the ultimate goal is de-extinction and resurrecting animals and plants that have been lost. Other researchers are looking to the past for new sources of drugs or to sound an alarm about the possibility of long-dormant pathogens. The field of study is also about recreating elements of human history in an attempt to better understand how our ancestors might have lived and died. Here are four fascinating research projects in this emerging field that launched or made significant progress in 2023. Reviving ‘zombie’ viruses Warmer temperatures in the Arctic are thawing the region’s permafrost — a frozen layer of soil beneath the ground — and potentially stirring viruses that, after lying dormant for tens of thousands of years, could endanger animal and human health. Jean-Michel Claverie, a professor emeritus of medicine and genomics at the Aix-Marseille University School of Medicine in Marseille, France, is seeking to better understand the risks posed by what he describes as “zombie viruses” by resurrecting viruses from earth samples from Siberia.

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