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Jean-Michel Claverie, Thi Ngan Ta

ACDtool: a web-server extending the original Audic-Claverie statistical test to the comparison of large data sets of counts.

Bioinformatics. 2018 Jul 18. doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/bty640

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Okamoto K, Miyazaki N, Reddy HKN, Hantke MF, Maia FRNC, Larsson DSD, Abergel C, Claverie JM, Hajdu J, Murata K, Svenda M

Cryo-EM structure of a Marseilleviridae virus particle reveals a large internal microassembly.

Virology.516;:239-245,2018 Mar

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Okamoto K, Miyazaki N, Song C, Maia FRNC, Reddy HKN, Abergel C, Claverie JM, Hajdu J, Svenda M, Murata K

Structural variability and complexity of the giant Pithovirus sibericum particle revealed by high-voltage electron cryo-tomography and energy-filtered electron cryo-microscopy.

Sci Rep.7;1:13291,2017 Oct 16

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Gallot-Lavallee L, Blanc G, Claverie JM

Comparative genomics of Chrysochromulina Ericina Virus (CeV) and other microalgae-infecting large DNA viruses highlight their intricate evolutionary relationship with the established Mimiviridae family.

J Virol.;:,2017 Apr 26

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Fabre E, Jeudy S, Santini S, Legendre M, Trauchessec M, Couté Y, Claverie JM, Abergel C

Noumeavirus replication relies on a transient remote control of the host nucleus.

Nat Commun.8;:15087,2017 Apr 21

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Nishimura Y, Watai H, Honda T, Mihara T, Omae K, Roux S, Blanc-Mathieu R, Yamamoto K, Hingamp P, Sako Y, Sullivan MB, Goto S, Ogata H, Yoshida T

Environmental Viral Genomes Shed New Light on Virus-Host Interactions in the Ocean.

mSphere.2;2:,01 2017

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Piacente F, De Castro C, Jeudy S, Gaglianone M, Laugieri ME, Notaro A, Salis A, Damonte G, Abergel C, Tonetti MG

The rare sugar N-acetylated viosamine is a major component of mimivirus fibers.

J Biol Chem.;:,2017 Mar 17

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Villain A, Kojadinovic M, Puppo C, Prioretti L, Hubert P,Zhang Y, Grégori G, Roulet A, Roques C, Claverie JM, Gontero B& Guillaume Blanc

Complete mitochondrial genome sequence of the freshwater diatomAsterionella formosa

Mitochondrial DNA Part B, 2:1, 97-98,2017 Feb

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Gallot-Lavallée L, Blanc G

A Glimpse of Nucleo-Cytoplasmic Large DNA Virus Biodiversity through the Eukaryotic Genomics Window.

Viruses.9;1:,2017 Jan 20

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Claverie JM, Abergel C

Giant viruses: update, enigmas, controversies and perspectives

Médecine/Sciences ;32(12) 1087-1096,2016 Dec

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